Family Members of Note

Eddie Imazu was a notable member of a notable family. This page is a resource for links and information about Eddie’s family members, whether related by birth or by marriage.

Takashi “Teek” Kondo
(brother of Aiko Kondo Imazu & brother-in-law of Eddie Imazu)

With a fellow worker, Mr. Shimamoto (left, with glasses) and Mr. Takashi “Teek” Kondo draw sketches for a postwar housing project.


“In the office of a leading architectural and engineering firm”


Yuri Kochiyama née Nakahara;
May 19, 1921 – June 1, 2014

(Cousin of Aiko Kondo Imazu, Eddie Imazu’s wife):

Granddaughter Maya Kochiyama’s profile of Mary Yuriko Nakahara Kochiyama, who grew up sheltered in small-town America, who initially overlooked underlying racism, but who awakened politically because of travails while job-hunting.

Maya’s account of Mary Yuriko Nakahara Kochiyama’s WWII life in relocation camps, where residents stood in long lines to use restrooms and eat in messhalls and where internees hung sheets in unpartitioned barracks to create walls for minimal privacy.

Maya’s account of the radicalization of Mary Yuriko Nakahara Kochiyama, including her friendship with Malcolm X, her membership in Asian Americans for Action, and her association with the Redress Movement to gain compensation for losses Japanese-Americans suffered during WWII.

Lengthy personality profile of Yuri Kochiyama, including her WWII activism and her current political involvements, such as the David Wong Committee, the Free Mumia Abu Jamal movement, and informative correspondence with political prisoners.

An account of Yuri’s association with Malcolm X.

Yuri Kochiyama kneeling next to Malcom X
after his assassination.


  • “Yuri Kochiyama: Internment Camp”

 An account of Yuri’s WWII experiences, including her father’s detention by the FBI and her family’s internment in Jerome, Arkansas.

Lengthy personality profile beginning with 18-year-old Yuri’s ‘Creed to Live By,’ then detailing her WWII experiences, chronicling her radicalization, quoting her first-person account of Malcolm X’s assassination and ending with her mentioning legal injustices and anti-war activism concerning Iraq and Afghanistan.


Peter Nakahara
May 19, 1921 – November 28, 2003

(Yuri Kochiyama’s twin brother):

Interview of an elderly Peter M. Nakahara about his father, Seiichi, who was detained and interrogated by the FBI at Terminal Island after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and who died the day after being released. 


Chiyo Nakahara