Three Wise Fools


Three Wise Fools Movie Poster Photo
Three Wise Fools

is about a young Irish girl, who sees leprechauns and who melts the hearts of three crusty old bachelors. Because the girl’s grandfather long ago cursed the bachelors, the men have attained success at the expense of personal happiness. The girl’s faith in the unexplained, however, changes the men’s propensity for happiness.

: It had been forty years since Richard, James and Theodore insulted The O’Monahan and he put a vexing blessing on them. All three have obtained their dreams of grandeur, but they all live in a single house as bachelors. Into this grand house comes 7 year old Sheila with a request that these three become her guardians. But they do not want her and let her leave until they find that they need the property that Sheila has inherited. They then take her, and O’Davern, into the house with the expressed intention of relieving Sheila of her property so that they can donate it to the University in their name and buy remembrance in the future. But Sheila cannot sell the property because of the ‘little people’.

Written by Tony Fontana <>